El Plato Supreme

Samsung is stepping up to the plate with their Super Bowl ad. But lets start out with the teaser.

And here comes the Super Bowl ad, for the Next Big Thing.

I love both Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, and I think they’re pretty funny here. The video is well done, well acted and funny. But is it doing a good job advertising Samsung? I don’t think so.

Sure the brand gets some nice star quality with the two of them + the cameo of LeBron on a tablet. But I know nothing of their products. If I haven’t seen the ads before, I have no idea what it’s about. Samsung does a lot more things than smartphones and tablets, and although brand building is always good there’s no real competitive power here. But maybe they didn’t feel they had to. Samsung is doing pretty good on the smartphone market, being the online real competitor to Apple. There are some product shots in here, but the products are concealed pretty well. And if I should be honest I fucking love this. I want this to be the type of advertising we see all the time. But if that’s going to happen this must work, as in making people buy the stuff from the ads.

If You Were My Agency I’d say that being seen on Super Bowl and making fun, celebrity endorsed, ads was a good decision. People are re-watching them online just because they’re good, but I can’t help to wonder if they could’ve put just a bit of product info in the ads. Would it have ruined them? We’ll never know.

A case of the Mondays?

Starbucks were hit with hate and rage at the end of last year. Having ducked taxes like a professional dodge ball player. The PR crisis was a fact. Which led Starbuck to write an honest and a bit self-boasting letter.

Starbuck letter of apology UK

This week they followed up on the letter with an absolutely brilliant TV ad from AMV BBDO.

I have to say that if they keep the ads (and offers) running like this they’ll win back what they lost in business next monday. But getting rid of the tax dodging reputation won’t be as easy. Is it even possible for people to forget?

But if AMV BBDO were my agency I’d probably never let them go. The stuff they produce is amazing and landed them a well deserved top ten spot on the Big Won rankings.

But it’s expensive as fuck, right?

Yesterday I tried out Virgin America’s latest ad. An interactive video that lets you see all the benefits of traveling with them.

You can try it out here.

It’s a very nice execution. It looks good, sounds OK and is decently engaging. But how many people will actual go through the whole video and do all the moves? I did, but I think it’s mostly because I wanted to know how it worked. Being an ad-geek of sort I had higher hopes for it. Because this video must have cost a small fortune to produce.

After completing the “video” I feel that I’d love to try Virgin America out. But I wanted that before as well. The only new impression I have of Virgin is that they must be expensive as fuck. And do the in flight entertainment actually cost? Or was I only imagining that it said “unlimited” entertainment in first class?

I guess the video is meant to replace a text that describes what they offer. If that’s the case this is a cool way of doing it. But how many will go through all the trouble?