Bad Advertising

Please don’t tell me…

As I’ve been living in London my eyes have opened up to some horrible tube advertising. Big and small formats, but none of them make any sense. So I’m going to start a miniseries of fun/weird/bad London tube advertising.

First up is this pretty stupid breast cancer awareness ad. I think you can tell why it’s stupid, if you can’t see it read on below the picture.


Well if you didn’t see it, here it comes. The ad is stupid because they want you to know how to tell if you have breast cancer – but don’t tell you that. Instead they want you (in a place with 0 reception) to send a text message to get the info.

I know tracking and statistics are great, but actually getting your message across and save lives might have a higher priority, don’t you think?

Even if the goal is to get people to have a physical product delivered we still want the basic information. Don’t leave us hanging and then demand a pretty big effort for finding out the answer…

OMG I’m so great

Here’s a pretty new Nike ad that tries to motivate people.

I can’t be the only who isn’t inspired by this. There are too many product shots, too many stories and not enough depth. The leap from the fat kid last year to this is enormous. I guess the audiences (target groups) are different, but still – the tone is off here. It’s too much, “OMG I’m so great look at me”. I know it talks to me (by saying YOU’RE GREAT) but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Sure, but WHY!?

Samsung started bashing apple: here, here and here. But apple didn’t take the bait, so Nokia decided to give it a go.

It has its fun parts. But where Samsung tried to make the choice of smartphones seem like a two horse race, Nokia is turning it into a three horse one – which isn’t nearly as good.

In the ad, Nokia advertises features from BOTH competitors, without saying much about their own. Actually they don’t say anything about the Lumia 920 in this spot. All the while you can clearly see Apple’s Siri being used as well as the Android/Samsung bump function.

Sure it makes a point of being better, but why and how? Sure it’s “Engadget’s readers smartphone of the year”, but how many people even know what Engadget is?

Yes I think the ad is fun, but it doesn’t sell me on the Lumia. So I’m still leaning towards a Samsung as my next phone.

Italian Sexism.

We all knew Italians liked sexism and objectification of women. I just found yet another proof.

I think one of the characters is supposed to be a man (it wears pants and a shirt). To me that just look like a lesbian spanking session, or a woman hitting a boy from a private school.

Italy has a lot to be proud of, sadly most of it is history. So if they want their best time to be ahead of them it’s time to get with the times, especially as an advertising agency. You’re supposed to explore and innovate, not look in the rearview mirror.

I don’t have any problem with spanking per se. But I have a problem with ads where only sexualized and objectified women are being spanked in the ads. Why aren’t more people represented and why do we have to see their bare asses? It makes me think of this horrible bicycle ad.

Furthermore, the idea is stolen, and the original was better.

Worst/grossest ad on Super Bowl.

The worst Super Bowl commercial came from GoDaddy. As horrid as the ad might be, it also took 45 retakes to get the kiss right…

GoDaddy has spewed shitty ads, like the one above, out for years. But the latest is the one with least substance ever. There’s no point to the ad more than showing a) a hottie girl (because nothing is more important when choosing webhosting) b) make it memorable by letting her kiss the ugly/geeky inside of their product.

The ad is sexist, stupid, gross (close up, smacking, kissing is frowned upon in public, and rightly so) and it talks down to its audience. No one who buys webhosting will be stupid enough to fall for “sexy on the outside & smart on the inside” lines. THAT’S HOW ALL WEBHOSTING WORK, way to sell that USP.

At least the ad is memorable, and quite a few 13 year old geeks were probably drooling a lot seeing it. They will grow up with GoDaddy somewhere in the back of their minds. In the end it’s a success.

If You Were My Agency I’d beg you to come up with a new concept. This shit has been on the air for too long.

Racist German Cars

After Super Bowl everyone and their mother (including me) is up for commenting on the commercials. And let’s start out with the most racist one.

I can’t for the love of me understand how any of the higher ups OK:ed this? The basic message is that if you drive a Volkswagen you’ll be happy. The only problem is that they added a “Jamaican” accent to it. Which gives the ad a spin back to the 18-1900s kind of stereotypes that says black people dance and sing naked, always with a smile on their face. Haven’t we gotten further than this?

If You Were My Agency I would be furious, but I’m not sure I would leave you. Deutsch have done amazing ads for Volkswagen previous years, most notably the force.

The Always Tough Second Album

I think most people who’ve visted the Internet in the last year saw the Belgian TNT ad. If you missed it, have a look.

But a about a week ago it was time for the second ad on the same theme, this time it plays out somewhere in the Netherlands .

It’s the same idea, adding drama to your everyday life, but it’s not as good. TNT went bigger, but not better and I think it’s the kidnapping that fucks it all up. When you’re being taken away your mind will realise that it’s staged. When everything happens right there and then in the beginning you can see that people are chocked, but not as much after being transported away. I don’t know if it could’ve worked with the kidnapping and transportation of people.

If You Were My Agency I’d want to see another execution of this idea. Give us more, give us better. The insight is great and the first execution was perfect, one more of those. Maybe at sea? Or why not a plane, that’d give you some PR…

From great, to god to bad in three ads.

I must say I’ve enjoyed the previous Apple bashing ads from Samsung. But this one is just… blergh!?

The last few ads were fun, especially the first one. They took product benefits, turned them around and had Apple fanboys feel kind of stupid. But most of all the Apple fanboys looked like they were lagging behind on technology.

The biggest problem I have with this new ad is that they make themselves look stupid. Not mainly because they use the Samsung phones, but they act like oblivious idiots. Which can make for amazing advertising, but then you have to twist it and spin it back with power in the end. Not look like even bigger douchebags: “We’re launching in four weeks.”

If You Were My Agency I’d turn this this series back around and back on track.


So apparently this is how you advertise a fighter jet. I guess the strategy from SAAB reads something like: Creating B2G sales using Top Gun fantasies.

adly I can’t believe this is what the Gripen NG would be used for on a day-to-day basis. It wouldn’t only be used to defend innocent countries, babies and nice people. People buy this for offense as well. But I guess the ad works, because if I were a dictator I sure as hell would’ve bought the planes after watching this.

Last week of Hyper

This week was my last week at Hyper Island before internship, which explains the extremely low amount of posts. But here is something to fill that void temporarily. A lovely, low budget star trek ad.