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Meganews Magazine Kiosk

I think this is freakishly smart.


You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this is a magazine kiosk that prints on demand. Instead of printing tons of magazines that gets sent back every month, the magazine you want gets printed on the spot.

With the technology we have nowadays this is a no-brainer. Why would we waste more natural resources, cut down more trees, use more paper than wee need?

I see this as an amazing arena for the future. The promotional offers that could be combined with this are vast. Buy a Coke and get 25% on the magazine, BUT it’ll be filled with Coke advertising as well.

Which is the right property for your music?

We all talk about having a unique brand positioning, but very few follow through. Pause Ljud & Bild are one of them. After years of great campaigns together with Åkestam.Holst, they just released a website where you can find a new place to live – based on the speaker volume you like when listening to music.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 14.02.49


We need more advertising like this, advertising that stands out. No other brand in the HiFi category has ever marketed themselves through properties for sale. And that’s all that matters. If your not interesting enough at first glance, why would anyone take a second?

Tool Pool

A campaign from The Fan Club with a great insight, and the jury for the Swedish advertising award Gulägget saw it.

The execution is nice, but it’s nothing compared to the insight of our relationship to power tools. But what’s really fascinating about this is that there are other genres where this is handy. Cars is just one of those things, we have Zip Car here in London. It’s a bit expensive if you, like me, only want to use a car once every few months, but once a week? Then Zip car might be the perfect thing.

I hope we’ll see more of these solutions in the future. There’s no point in wasting money and resources on things that’ll only collect dust in our garage.

DVD magic

Here’s nifty piece of DM from Dominos that uses the heat of your DVD-player to deliver its message.

When you hear cleaver use of technology we think of something happening online, or maybe an installation. But Artplan took another route and it gets me excited.

It’s not only the use of the thermal ink technology, but the media and client as well. It’s a perfect fit – advertising pizza with movies. The only bad part is that you have to wait until after you’ve watched it to get the offer. But we can’t be far off interactive advertising where you’ll be offered pizza during the intro and it’ll land in your lap half way in.

As more and more people chose to skip advertising we will see increasing integration/branded content/product placement. We’ll be given an offer to buy the same phone as James Bond when he answers his, the same bed sheet as the housewives and home delivered Burger King cheeseburgers as Tony Stark digs into his.

The lenticular boy.

The talk of the town last week was, for anyone who might’ve missed it, a lenticular poster against child abuse.

Lenticulars are nothing new, but this era is different. What used to be a slightly awkward toy has now evolved into something sleek and usable. With the change of the world surrounding it we will see it used in many more places. Not only because of how much better the technology has got, but also because we live in a time where we expect more than a still image. We want the change to happen before our very eyes, not just imagine it. Or just target advertising to kids, next time it might be for a less noble purpose.

As a reminder the message doesn’t have to be as dreadful as this ad, I wrote about a much nicer one last summer.

Sure, but WHY!?

Samsung started bashing apple: here, here and here. But apple didn’t take the bait, so Nokia decided to give it a go.

It has its fun parts. But where Samsung tried to make the choice of smartphones seem like a two horse race, Nokia is turning it into a three horse one – which isn’t nearly as good.

In the ad, Nokia advertises features from BOTH competitors, without saying much about their own. Actually they don’t say anything about the Lumia 920 in this spot. All the while you can clearly see Apple’s Siri being used as well as the Android/Samsung bump function.

Sure it makes a point of being better, but why and how? Sure it’s “Engadget’s readers smartphone of the year”, but how many people even know what Engadget is?

Yes I think the ad is fun, but it doesn’t sell me on the Lumia. So I’m still leaning towards a Samsung as my next phone.

Pushing Press Forward

So, press advertising just took another cool step towards the future. We’ve seen interactive ads as well as lenticulars and the obvious QR codes. But Microsoft just took that a whole lot further.

To advertise their Office 365 cloud based service they went to Forbes magazine, as we all know, a paper for business people who use Microsoft Office. They persuaded them to put a wifi hotspot, using T-Mobile connectivity, inside the paper. A brilliant way to showcase the ‘always connected’ office.

Images below.




Babies could’ve come up with the concept.

This is a tough one. Is Evian’s latest baby ad good or bad?

I guess the ad is both good and bad. The execution is well made and makes people feel fuzzy inside. But on a concept/idea level this isn’t very clever. It has to have been the first thought anyone came up with in whatever kind of brainstorm or idea process was behind the concept.

But this ad shows it’s not necessarily a bad thing. People will think of Evian in a more positive way, they will buy more of their water.

I can mope around all day not liking the concept, but the main point of advertising is still creating sale. No matter the level of the thinking that was behind the concept.

Banned in schools.

Putting things in perspective is always a wake up call.


I think it’s an amazing ad, while it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges I don’t think it’s wrong. Because it is weird that a book can be banned for harming children but guns aren’t.

Italian Sexism.

We all knew Italians liked sexism and objectification of women. I just found yet another proof.

I think one of the characters is supposed to be a man (it wears pants and a shirt). To me that just look like a lesbian spanking session, or a woman hitting a boy from a private school.

Italy has a lot to be proud of, sadly most of it is history. So if they want their best time to be ahead of them it’s time to get with the times, especially as an advertising agency. You’re supposed to explore and innovate, not look in the rearview mirror.

I don’t have any problem with spanking per se. But I have a problem with ads where only sexualized and objectified women are being spanked in the ads. Why aren’t more people represented and why do we have to see their bare asses? It makes me think of this horrible bicycle ad.

Furthermore, the idea is stolen, and the original was better.