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The adjectives…

I’m back. After a few hectic weeks of moving home to good old Sweden from London I finally have something to say. This ad is awesome.

Not only is it from a place, south east asia, that’s not very synonymous with gender equality – it points out a BIG flaw in today’s media. The fact that women are almost always described with negative words for doing the exact same thing as their male counter parts. And sometimes these things are commended when men do it, while women are condemned for doing the exact same thing.

Seriously journalists, get it together. Describe male and female actions equally.

Cute Overload

It’s in all the feeds, the new John Lewis Christmas ad that is.

It’s very cute and all, but that’s not the amazing thing about it. For the third time in 3 years Adam & Eve DDB have created a great, cute, Christmas ad that has gone viral. There’s nothing extreme here, nothing that’ll make you chuckle till you choke just a nice story about friendship and Christmas – a masterpiece of advertising.


So apparently small mouths are the bomb in Japan, who knew…

Apart from this being as sexist pieces of shitty shit shit phenomenon, I think the cover up idea is pretty decent. Not to cover up our big mouths, but rather our gluttonous looks when eating certain foods. And if you make it in the right way, you won’t have to worry about things dripping down on your stomach and thighs either.

Please don’t tell me…

As I’ve been living in London my eyes have opened up to some horrible tube advertising. Big and small formats, but none of them make any sense. So I’m going to start a miniseries of fun/weird/bad London tube advertising.

First up is this pretty stupid breast cancer awareness ad. I think you can tell why it’s stupid, if you can’t see it read on below the picture.


Well if you didn’t see it, here it comes. The ad is stupid because they want you to know how to tell if you have breast cancer – but don’t tell you that. Instead they want you (in a place with 0 reception) to send a text message to get the info.

I know tracking and statistics are great, but actually getting your message across and save lives might have a higher priority, don’t you think?

Even if the goal is to get people to have a physical product delivered we still want the basic information. Don’t leave us hanging and then demand a pretty big effort for finding out the answer…

Cutest Augmented Reality App So Far

It might not only be the cutest augmented reality apps, it might even be one of the best – simply because it’s useful.

I’d love to see more relevant augmented reality apps and I know they’re on the way, but I just can’t wait. I think it’s because I love the technology and hate most of the executions. So if you’re ever in a position to do an augmented reality app please do one, because it’ll drive the technology further.

The scariest stunt ever?

I’m probably one of the few who don’t hate on movie reboots, I do however hate on the lack of creativity. So I can see why a new version of Carrie would be cool, having another go at something can yield nice results. But it means that a new cooler idea never got the chance. Still, this viral is pretty epic.

This is a very nice stunt. It shows what all stunts must have, which is one of the following: it needs to be mind blowing, fun enough for a comedy special, super cute or scary.

The video of your pop-up store will never go viral and neither will your free give away. Unless they’re surrounded by flying pink elephants, but those aren’t on brand… Now you go figure out why your video only reached a few thousand people (all paid for/just you refreshing your browser).

The brave gays

Queer Lisboa, a Portuguese film festival have released their advert for this year. Through the years they’ve made a point of taking famous film scenes and turn them upside down.

It’s a great ad that plays with our prejudice and expectations. I love the Braveheart angle but it doesn’t beat the reservoir dogs parody from 2011.

OMG I’m so great

Here’s a pretty new Nike ad that tries to motivate people.

I can’t be the only who isn’t inspired by this. There are too many product shots, too many stories and not enough depth. The leap from the fat kid last year to this is enormous. I guess the audiences (target groups) are different, but still – the tone is off here. It’s too much, “OMG I’m so great look at me”. I know it talks to me (by saying YOU’RE GREAT) but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Chipotle are back in business

2012 Film Grand Prix winner Chipotle are back, and on track, with their GMO and factory free message.

Not sure if it’s another Grand Prix, as it doesn’t feel as fresh as the last one. Instead we see a world that we remember from the last ad. It has the same colour and feel but with another focus.

These ads really sell Chipotle and their concept to me, and probably everyone else. There’s hardly no branding at all, but with a strong USP and story you don’t need it. You might not be a fan of the current climate or food debates, but please, if you’re in marketing/advertising learn from this ad.

The Beer Mates

What’s the definition of a great friend?

I’m not sure if this is it, but not everyone would go this far. And the most touching party about this video is that this isn’t something the people at BBDO made up, this actually happens in real life. Yes, some people are such great friends that they’d be willing to sit in a wheelchair and get hurt doing it (reinforced wheelchairs can cause a fair bit of damage).

You might say that you’d definitely do the same thing, but you can’t even be arsed to answer texts from some friends let alone meet and hang out with them.

Possible Cannes winner? You bet.